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ArenaLab is an international developer and provider of AR/VR solutions for various vertical markets and purposes. We combine innovations as technological VR company and reliability as one of the biggest integrators the team rich experience and expertise in IT projects for vertical industries (automotive, telecom, production, education, health, marketing)

Our main focus is AR/VR solutions for business and consumer market.

We understand business tasks and are ready to develop and introduce new technologies to reduce your operational costs increasing revenue and improving cost-efficiency.

> 5 years

At AR/VR market


Professional AR/VR team

1 month

Average time for project implementation


Completed projects

VR and AR solutions for 9+ markets

Marketing and sales

Use VR and AR solutions in marketing for the most breakthrough sales mechanics. Enthrall your clients!

Real Property

You can easily increase your real estate sales with VR teleport. Just show your client their future home in virtual reality!


Augmented reality catalogue allows to create a virtual model of a factory or any other facility and optimize production!


With AR/VR technologies and solutions you can give your clients unique experience and unforgettable emotions!


New opportunities for events live broadcasting with viewer full immersion in the mid of event or a gameplay!


ARenaLab AR technologies give new opportunities for printed materials market!

Culture and tourism

Sightseeing with cutting edge technologies is real now. You can plunge into different culture and history with AR/VR solutions!

Training and education

Use full advantages of all “realities” for most efficient education process!

Healthcare and medicine

Now you can integrate AR/VR technologies for medical use and staff training!

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please contact us by +7 (499) 350-62-72

Open presentation ARenaLab

Download the presentation (PDF, 5,7 Mb)

Our Advantages


With expertise and experience in VR and video 360 production, GameDev, integration, entertainment, marketing and sales

Development of complex projects

Wide experience in development of complex AR/VR projects and solutions: from VR headsets and helmets to Full Immersion VR systems

Advanced technologies

Development of AR/VR solutions using cutting-edge technologies from all over the world

Proper R&D laboratory

We have our own AR/VR technologies research and development lab for efficient customers’ tasks solutions

Client software development

Turn-key development of client software and full technical support of the project


ARena Full Immersion VR

Technological platform for complete immersion into custom-built virtual world with total freedom of movement and tactile perception!

ARena VR Cinema

A cinema VR module for watching panoramic video and movies in 360 format!

ARena VR Cube

A modular platform for playing active games in VR!

ARena Treadmill

An omnidirectional treadmill for locomotion simulation while gaming in VR!

ARena VR Park

An amusement park with different AR and VR attractions!

ARena Skala

AR climbing wall. A hybrid of climbing wall simulator and interactive gaming platform!

ARena AR/VR AppDev

Development of applications for virtual and augmented reality platforms!

ARena AR/VR GameDev

Development of AR/VR games for Android, iOS, Vive, Oculus, Daydream and other platforms!

ARena 360 Video

Professional panoramic video shooting, montage, special effects and streaming in 360 format into any VR headset/helmet!

And more than 10 other products.

To know more about new opportunities for your business
please contact us by +7 (499) 350-62-72

Open presentation ARenaLab

Download the presentation (PDF, 5,7 Mb)

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